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Muse, a powerful AI at your fingertips

Leveraging Extreme-Scale Language Models, the Muse API makes your products more intelligent.
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Directly access powerful foundation models trained on high-quality curated data. Access human-level primitives such as Create, Process, Understand, Learn in a single API call. Muse is the simplest gateway to a new generation of Transformative AI for your business.


Go beyond English. To serve businesses globally, the Muse API is natively available in French, Spanish, and Italian.  We are continuously expanding to more languages to serve businesses that need a local touch.

Scalable & Sustainable

 The Muse API leverages our unique co-design know-how in extreme-scale software and energy-efficient hardware. Our vision is to lower the barrier to entry of Transformative AI for small and large businesses, in a sustainable way.

Business stories

Here are just a few business use cases on how the Muse API is used by our first customers.

Copywriting for SEO

SEO company X uses the LightOn Muse API to help thousands of copywriters write better text; faster. By combining their predictive SEO technology into the Steerable Generation provided by the LightOn Muse API, their SaaS platform delivers millions of uniquely optimized words to their customers, every month.

Language assessment

Company Y is running an internal course to teach business level French to sales staff from overseas. With the Classification capabilities of the LightOn Muse API and its unique multilingual availability, company Y is able to automatically gauge the individual progress of every staff member in their ability to speak business french.

Business analytics

Company Z extracts actionable insights from heterogeneous customer feedback: chatbots logs, reviews, online conversations, etc. The Search capability of the LightOn Muse API helps them make immediate sense of vast and diverse corpora, highlighting key information without the need for tedious cleaning and manual review.

Custom models

Customer needs may go beyond LightOn’s current models and intelligence primitives: private datasets, other languages or modalities, additional endpoints. LightOn has developed an innovative pipeline to provide actionable custom models, faster.

Building the future of Extreme-Scale AI

World-class AI Research

LightOn AI Research (LAIR) pushes the state of the art in Extreme-Scale AI. Check out our publications in some of the top Hardware and ML conferences to learn more about Extreme-scale AI research at LightOn.

Unique Photonic Hardware

Extreme-scale AI requires new means of performing scalable and sustainable computations. LightOn develops photonic co-processors for massively parallel AI and scientific computing. You can already access our Optical Processing Unit technology either on-premises or through our dedicated LightOn Cloud platform.