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LightOn Appliance (Early 2021)

For production-grade Machine Learning, the LightOn Appliance can be seamlessly integrated on-premises in your own datacenter.

The LightOn Appliance is the optimal way for your Machine Learning engineers to enjoy at minimal latency the power of LightOn OPU. All the while using your own data, code and  Python-based development environment. 

The LightOn Appliance will be available under a leasing package that will include a 2U rack-mounted Aurora 4.5 OPU – linked to the server through PCIe -, training, maintenance, support, as well as Machine Learning consulting and software updates.

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LightOn Cloud (Available Now!)

Discover today the potential of LightOn OPU technology through the LightOn Cloud platform

LightOn Cloud gives you access to a LightOn Aurora 1.5 OPU through a high-end Machine Learning server, including state-of-the-art Nvidia GPU and Intel CPU. Run your current Machine Learning models, and boost them using the OPU through just a few lines of code. The OPU library is compliant with a number of popular Machine Learning frameworks, such as PyTorch and Scikit-Learn. Leverage what the community has developed in a variety of use cases and let the community know what’s on your GitHub!

LightOn Cloud can be accessed through a pay-per-use plan. Academic users and nonprofits can get free credits through the LightOn Cloud for Research program.

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