Introducing Muse, a powerful, business-ready AI

Muse API Extreme-Scale Language Models are the key to the extreme-scale success of your products

What can Muse do for you?

Next-level e-marketing

Gain visibility in search engines with next-class SEO
Stop targeting an audience, target each person specifically with personalized emails and ads
Get the best content with the least effort with next-gen Copywriting

Efficient Customer Relations

Assist all your customers in real-time with human-like Chatbots
Help your clients find the answers they need in a blink of an eye with Q&A systems
Find the needle you need in the haystack of data of any type with Personalized Search Engines

Next-level business analytics

Get a reliable feedback digest for efficient business decisions based on powerful Sentiment Analysis and
Classification provided by Muse for your business reviews and ratings and make sense out of them.
Structure efficiently your information about your clients with Client Database Management.

Lost in a large amount of data?

Muse sums up documents and e-mails to give you the essential information and help you save time.
Build a personalized research or classification engine to efficiently browse through large amounts of any data.

Why choose Muse?

Muse is Business-Ready

No need to be an engineer to access our state-of-art language models!
Muse API is designed to be flexible, easy-to-integrate
and used by everyone, everywhere.

Don't waste your time

Hours spent on answering emails and clients’ reviews
on posting to rank well on search engines…
With the Muse API, you are able to
automate time-consuming but important tasks for your business.

Muse offers Powerful, Future-Proof Foundation models

Muse API uses GPT-3 and GPT-J language models, the best there is when it comes to dealing with text.
Our engineers are constantly innovating to increase the size of the models and the quality of our training database,
the two parameters that matter most so that you are sure to always rely on the best there is.

Muse speaks many languages

Muse is the first API to open extreme-scale models to a large panel of languages:
it is a native French, English, Italian, Spanish, German speaker, with many more coming soon.
Conquer new markets by addressing customers in their mother tongue!

Muse offers infinite customisation possibilities

Using the latest techniques of prompt-tuning
our engineers can adjust the model in a blink of an eye
so that it fits perfectly your business needs.

Muse Partnership Program

The Muse Partnership Program gives you and your company privileged access to LightOn’s latest development and roadmap at no cost!