LightOn Qore

A novel Quantum Photonic Processor

LightOn unveils its plan to join the quantum computing space with the LightOn Qore series of quantum photonic processors. LightOn Qores are versatile, powerful, and low-loss platforms designed for the rapidly growing field of NISQ (Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum) computing.
The Qore devices feature plug-and-play photonic processors designed for robust reconfigurable unitary operations on quantum resources. As rackable units, they can be integrated into most existing optical quantum computing platforms. LightOn Qores is compatible with continuous and discrete variable systems and can deal with a wide range of wavelengths from the visible to the telecom range. Each Qore connects up to 8 input quantum states onto 19 distinct optical railings. Therefore, it performs any 19×19 unitary linear operation with up to 8 entangled photons at a minimal loss, a reconfigurability rate of 10Hz.
The first commercially available Qore processor is set for release in Q2 2022. This 3U rackable device features fibered inputs and outputs to interface with most quantum sources and detection systems available on the market.

The technology:

LightOn Qores is designed to be a key part of universal quantum computing schemes that are based on the KLM (Knill, Laflamme, and Milburn) protocol. In this approach, quantum gates are applied to source states through the conjunction of linear optical operations and photon detection. Providing fibered inputs and outputs to interface with most quantum sources and detection systems, Qores tackle the implementation of the desired linear operations. Leveraging LightOn’s experience in light control and mixing, Qore technology accomplishes this by applying arbitrary and user-controlled interference on the incoming states.
This complex mixing architecture represents a promising alternative to waveguide-based systems, as it is well suited for large-scale computing. The devices’ thermal stability, power consumption, and reconfigurability rate are indeed fixed regardless of the scale of the implemented optical circuit.


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