LightOn Cloud for Research program

What is LightOn Cloud for Research?

The core technology behind LightOn Cloud (LightOn OPUs – Optical Processing Units) has been created to accelerate Machine Learning and Deep Learning computations. OPUs are a major technological innovation and have been created with, and for, engineers, researchers, professors, and students alike.
This is why the LightOn Cloud for Research program was created: to drive research and innovation forward.

What do you get?

All users that are selected for the LightOn Cloud for Research, are offered 20 free credits for LOC (20 credits = 20h of LOC usage). Once these have been used up it is possible to receive extra LOC credits on a case-by-case basis.
As all other LOC users, you will have access to LightOn Cloud Computes (Aurora OPU + powerful CPU and GPU) through Jupyter Lab and SSH.

Who can apply?

The LightOn Cloud for Research program supports researchers and people in nonprofit organizations who seek to:
  1. solve problems that are considered extremely complex or impossible due to the large dimensionality of data;
  2. accelerate Machine Learning / Deep Learning computations with new software and hardware approaches;
  3. benchmark the speedup and energy savings provided by the OPU, compared to GPU-only, on a variety of algorithms and data sets.

What is expected of you?

We want this program to be as easy for you to use as possible. Therefore we only require that any research conducted (partially or fully) under the LightOn Cloud for Research program acknowledges two things:
  1. the usage of LOC (as a service) in any communication, presentation, paper/publication, and white paper;
  2. the usage of LightOn OPUs (as hardware) in any communication, presentation, paper/publication, or white paper.
As we are trying to provide the best experience to our users, after having used your first 20 credits, we may ask for your feedback through a short survey (5-10 mn long). After completing this short survey, you may ask for more credits to finish your project, if needed.
Once your work with the LOC and our OPUs is over, we may ask for more detailed feedback (through a 15mn call, a public user testimonial, a blog post on LightOn’s blog, or anything else you may find interesting).

How does the award process work?

  1. Everything starts by applying for the LightOn Cloud for Research program, completing this form.
  2. Upon receiving your request, we will examine your application and we may contact you directly to better understand your research project. We will try to do so in a timely manner but we cannot provide any guarantee for the timing, at this point.
Due to the large number of requests we receive, we are unable to provide detailed reasons on an individual basis for not granting access to the program. Priority will be given to research projects involving new use cases for LightOn OPUs.

Looking for new research ideas?

If you want to look at previous projects that have been performed using LightOn OPUs, you may visit our blog. You will find interesting use-cases by LightOn’s ML engineers as well as researchers from all around the globe. All source code is available through our Github page.