Photonic Computing in your own data center

The most powerful photonic AI / HPC co-processor on the market

Powered by the Aurora2 Optical Processing Unit (OPU) reaching a maximum capacity of 1.5 PetaOPS at 30 W TDP (non-linear Random Projections), LightOn Appliance is the most advanced photonic AI/HPC co-processor on the market today.
LightOn Appliance enables Machine Learning at scale. By harnessing the unique capabilities of photonics is able to perform truly massively parallel computations, where million-size vectors can be processed at once.
LightOn Appliance is the first commercial photonic co-processor built upon a non-von Neumann computing paradigm. LightOn Appliance leverages photonics to process large-scale generic data into information-revealing “sketches”. This opens new avenues ranging from fundamental concepts in mathematics and machine learning to alleviating excruciating bottlenecks in production for data science, HPC, and AI alike.
Max Input size: 1 million (1 039 680) up to 6-bit
Max Output size: 2 million (2 267 392) 8-bit
Peak batch-mode performance (non-linear RPs): 75 TOPS/W* (up to 2 800 dense matrix-vector multiplications per second)
Peak batch-mode performance (linear RPs): 18 TOPS/W* (up to 680 dense matrix-vector multiplications per second)
Frameworks compatibility: PyTorch 1.0+, scikit-learn
Peak TDP: 30 W
Server link: External PCIe Gen2 x4
Form factor: 2U
Power supply: 125/250V 50/60Hz
*Future updates will improve performance
Leasing plans start at 1900€ / month

Direct buying options are also available. Fill in the form below to discuss what better fits your needs.

12-month plan

Price/mth: 3.900€

24-month plan

Price/mth: 2.600€

36-month plan

Price/mth: 1.900€

All prices are VAT exclusive. The deposit payment corresponds to the amount of the initial 12-month lease. See the full Terms and Conditions for the orders here.

Included in all leasing plans:

  • A LightOn Appliance with all the required connections ready to be installed (external PCIe cable, PCIe Gen2 x4 board, and power adapter are included)
  •  The service charge for the leased equipment, including:
    • Remote support
    • Servicing of the leased equipment
    • New firmware and software upgrades, while also extending functionality, improving performance, stability, and security

Available upon request:

  • Pre-configured workstations with OPU, CPU, and GPU
  • Installation support (HW and SW)
  • Different paying arrangements (contact us to design the plan that fits your needs)
  • Customized hands-on training workshops
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