LightOn unlocks Transformative AI
LightOn is redefining computing for some of today’s largest software/hardware challenges in AI and HPC, such as extreme-scale foundation models. Our vision is to lower the barrier to entry of Transformative AI for small and large businesses, in a sustainable way. Based in Paris, France, LightOn is a spinoff of university research.
Our major investors include:

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/ Offices /

LightOn, 5 Impasse Reille, 75014 PARIS


Igor Carron
Co-CEO & Co-founder

Laurent Daudet

Laurent Daudet
Co-CEO & Co-founder

Florent Krzakala

Florent Krzakala

Sylvain Gigan

Sylvain Gigan

Armelle Bonny
Office Manager
Alessandro Cappelli
Machine Learning Engineer
Amélie Chatelain
Machine Learning Engineer
Kilian Müller
Lead Advanced Optics
Iacopo Poli
Machine Learning Lead
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Baptiste Pannier
ML Engineer
Julien Launay
Machine Learning Engineer
Fabien Moreau
R&D Engineer
Daniel Hesslow
PhD student in ML
Giuseppe Luca Tommasone
Machine Learning Engineer
Adrien Cavaillès
R&D Optical Engineer
Safa Mokaadi
Embedded Software Engineer
Olga Lopusanschi
Product Manager
Guilherme Penedo
Machine Learning intern
Matthew Headshot
Matthew Filipovich
Machine Learning intern
Niccoló Zanichelli
Machine Learning intern
Charidimos Chaintoutis
Program / Product Manager
Ruben Ohana
PhD student in Machine Learning (ENS-LightOn)

Would you like to join us and take AI to the extreme?

🇬🇧 LightOn SAS welcomes applications from talented engineers in Machine Learning or Optics or Electronics and Integrated Circuit Design to build the computer of the future. Please send your credentials to [email protected]. Permit to work in the EU is preferred albeit not required.
🇫🇷 LightOn SAS recrute des ingénieur(e)s de talent en Machine Learning ou en Optique ou en Electronique pour construire l’ordinateur du futur. Envoyez votre candidature à [email protected]. La permission de travailler dans l’Union Européenne est préférée mais non exigée.

🚀  Full-Stack Engineer, Muse Team 😉

You are interested in helping build and run an API powered by large machine learning models answering real-world business needs. You want to bring state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to the world, democratizing its use through a simple, reliable, and responsive API.

DevOps Engineer Internship (6 months)  🚀  For Fall 2022 Internships 😉

You are interested in building and running a production system incorporating extreme-scale machine learning models. You want to bring state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology to the world, democratising its use through a simple, reliable, and responsive API using cloud-based solutions.

“Open” Extreme-Scale Internship (6 months)  🦾  For Fall 2022 Internships 🎉

This is an “open” internship proposal: we will work with you to define a role that suits you best.
Are you interested in researching and/or implementing novel ideas for accelerating extreme-scale Machine Learning using unique photonic hardware? Do you want access to massive compute, avant-garde hardware, state-of-the-art tooling, and great academic freedom?

BizDev Internship, Muse team (6 months)  🤖  Summer / Fall 2022 😃

Internship of 6 months for students in their first or second year of Master Degree in Business Development / Marketing & PR. The candidates must be eligible to work in the EU. You will be joining a young and tightly knit team, seeking to address real business needs in a variety of verticals.